2007 Louise Mizen

Born in Devon in 1961, Louise grew up in rural Surrey. After a foundation year at Brighton Polytechnic, she graduated with a Fine Art Degree at Norwich School of Art.

Initially specialising in equestrian and animal portraiture, she moved to London in 1990 and began to experiment with more free and flowing styles of painting, capturing movement in dancers, horses and children.

In 1997 she created a multi-media show entitled “Created to be Awed by Man” which involved live dance, music and poetry as well as Louise’s film and painted artworks. This successful exhibition explored the relationship between man and horse, how it helped to civilise man and how we value it today. It also made comparison of the movements of horses and dancers, and classical and contemporary styles.
Poster of ‘Created to be Awed by Man’

Louise’s common motivation for looking at horses is their means of expression through movement.  She aims to emulate the expression, indeed the sensation of movement, using oil paint and charcoal. The use of colour is vital to her paintings; she uses is to exaggerate a gesture or emphasise the glamour of a situation when painting polo or racing.  Very often she splashes colour on to a painting to give a feeling of unity to the composition or to suggest the direction in which the subject is moving. She shows in great detail the way a horse conveys its thoughts and emotion by a look in its eye, the angle of its head or the flaring of a nostril.

Recent dance paintings study the effect of light as it falls on the moving figure. Highlighting only what is absolutely necessary Louise implies the position of a limb or the attitude of the dancer.

Having recently moved back to the Surrey Hampshire borders with her family, Louise has produced some colourful, expressive paintings of the local woodland and landscape.
She uses techniques such as splashing and pouring paint then tips the canvas to encourage the movement of the paint. The overall effect created is quite random up close but at a distance the image becomes much more graphic.

Louise’s work has been included in numerous mixed exhibitions, and she has had many successful solo shows. Since exhibiting in Dubai last year Louise’s work is becoming sought after in Dubai’s renowned equestrian world.

Download the featured article in Equestrio Magazine, written by Lucy Munro (PDF 108KB)

To see further examples of Louise Mizen’s work, please visit www.louisemizen.com.

Original Artwork available for viewing at the Shadwell Gallery, Tattersalls, Newmarket UK.