2011 Hubert de Watrigant

‘Ever since the first of his exhibitions in five countries Hubert de Watrigant has been a front-runner in the evolution of his art.

His dexterity with range of materials allied to outstandingly accomplished draughtmanship combine to enrich his vivid interpretation of the racing scene.

It is one with which - as the son of South West France racehorse breeder and trainer - he has enjoyed lifelong familiarity. It is this familiarity, this “sense du cheval”, which resonates in the spirit of Hubert de Watrigant’s exciting work.’

Sir Peter O'Sullevan CBE

To see further examples of Hubert de Watrigant’s work, please visit his website: www.hubertdewatrigant.com

Original Artwork available for viewing at Shadwell Stud, Newmarket UK.