2014 Tom Evetts

2014 Shadwell Stud brochure cover: “Elmswell Park Stud – Mares and Foals at Grass” by Tom Evetts

One of the last duties for out-going Nominations & Marketing Manager Audrey Leyval was to find an artist to produce an inspiring work to grace the front cover of the 2014 Shadwell stallion brochure. Audrey happened upon Tom Evetts whose work she was immediately drawn to and who has produced this year’s cover image: “Elmswell Park Stud – Mares and Foals at Grass”.

Tom Evetts, 23, is a young British landscape artist who gained classical training in Florence at the studios of Charles Cecil before moving to France to further his tutelage under the wing of equestrian painter Tod Ramos. From the heart of National Hunt racing country, Tom lives near Cheltenham and has horses in his blood having ridden in point-to-point races for 4 seasons before turning his full attention to his art.

Tom’s current work is centred on landscapes and seascapes, trying to capture the ever changing effects of light to represent the mood and attitude of nature through impressions. Tom always paints “en plein air” (outdoor), never from photographs, as he feels landscapes reveal themselves truly, and offer up different perspectives, over a period of time.

“Having studied the Impressionist masters such as Corot, Pissarro and Sisley, painting only from life, my paintings have begun to capture light as I see it. My oils are impressions, although recalling my classical training and remembering the importance of drawing, I feel a painterly style has evolved and has become my own. Painting only from life allows the impressions to occur on canvas to a greater depth than through the lens of a camera and takes the subject to a greater level. This continues to be beautifully illustrated by some of the great artists I admire such as Munnings, Orpen, Boudin and Laura Knight.”

Tom first exhibited his work as solo artist in April 2013 to great acclaim. His second one man show takes place in 2014 at Gallery 8, St James, London between 26th May and 1st June (www.8dukestreet.co.uk for more details).

For more information about Tom and to see further examples of his work, visit www.tomevetts.co.uk