Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Bell SEA is a painter who loves working on a large scale; she’s an experienced muralist having worked on prestigious projects in some of the loveliest hotels and private houses in England, as well as being passionate about equestrian art (she’s exhibited regularly at The Mall Galleries with the Society of Equestrian Artists, has written a number of books on how to draw horses, and tutors at SEA workshops).

Jennifer has a Fine Art degree and trained in graphic art for advertising, and commercial illustration. She has been a freelance artist since 1986, writing/illustrating books, including cartoon books, and offering original interior design and decoration under the name Campion Bell, but now specialising in murals and trompe l'oeil. Jennifer won the 'World Of Interiors' international design competition 2 years running (1994 & 1995).

With experience of traditional skills: sculpture, stained glass techniques and production, Jennifer particularly enjoys designing for ecclesiastical projects.

In recent years, Jennifer has rediscovered her first love; painting horses. It was the combination of Jennifer’s love of horses and her capacity to work on large scale, unique projects that won her the commission to create Shadwell’s 2016 brochure cover, although, despite her considerable skill and experience, the project did not come without its challenges:

“There are practical problems in designing for curved surfaces – your images will be foreshortened from most viewpoints, even if you compensate. So you design it so most of the important painting is on the flattest bits and hope for the best...

I couldn’t get the horse up to my studio, so I had to do it in a  downstairs room, the walls and piano covered in paint cloths, occasionally taking it outside (with bemused neighbours co-opted to help me in with it when it rained unexpectedly…)!”

You can see examples of Jennifer’s work and learn more about her at: