Ed Beeton from finance takes our staff Q&A

Shadwell's financial controller goes in the hot seat
Financial Controller, Ed Beeton, gets acquainted with Shadwell legend SAKHEE

Ed Beeton is in the spotlight for the latest in our series of staff profiles, highlighting members of the team who pull together to make the Shadwell racing and breeding operation such a success.

Ed is a recent addition to the Shadwell team and serves as our financial controller, based at Nunnery Stud in Thetford.

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What does your role at Shadwell entail on a day to day basis?

Shadwell is an incredible place — like no other for the variety that it throws your way, which is great for keeping you on your toes.

We look after the financial side of things for the entire business, so one day I could be looking at horse and foal valuations, the next day it could be assisting the racing department with trainer invoices and the following day I might be reviewing capital purchases for the estate.

Some people might think number crunching sounds boring. Is it?

Of course it isn’t! When you work in the thoroughbred industry I can’t imagine any role would be boring. I have a keen interest in racing so it’s great to be able to count living beings rather than just beans!

Your background is in accountancy, so how did you come to work at Shadwell?

Although I really enjoyed my previous role, when I saw this job advertised I jumped at the chance of applying. Mark Twain once said “find a job you enjoy doing (and, I would add myself, in an industry you’re passionate about), and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

I’d spoken to friends in the industry who only had positive things to say about Shadwell, so it was a no-brainer when the opportunity arose.

Which area of your work gives you most enjoyment?

We’re incredibly lucky at Nunnery Stud to be able to see the foals with their dams out in the paddocks in their first few weeks of life, which is lovely to see on a lunchtime stroll.

This is my first turf season at Shadwell and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the horses perform over the summer. Fingers crossed for a repeat of 2020!

Who do you work closely with on the stud?

I work closely with a large number of the team. On the stud side it would be James O’Donnell, Paul Holdsworth and Jo Holdsworth, helping them manage their budgets. On the rehab and pre-training side it would be Dennis O’Brien, Andrea Pykerman and Faye Enefer-Harrison.

Where did your interest in racing originate?

From a young age I would often spend the afternoon watching the racing with my Nan and uncles having the odd (small) wager every now and again.

I went to my first Guineas meeting was when I was 16. I really got the buzz for the big-days and I try to attend race meetings when I can each year.

How would someone get into accountancy?

There are plenty of ways to get into accountancy related roles. I would recommend any school leaver applying to local practices in the summer. They will usually be looking to take on a student to start an AAT qualification each September.

This is a great way to learn the foundations as well continuing further development through professional qualifications.

I was incredibly fortunate to join Whiting & Partners many moons ago and work with some really good people, many of whom are still there.

Give us a couple of Shadwell horses to keep an eye out for this season.

My early picks have proven to be okay so far. I do like MOSTAHDAF, a half-sister to NAZEEF who’s in training with John and Thady Gosden.

Another by FRANKEL I like the look of is MEHNAH, and I expect her to have a great year after a strong finish in her last race at Leopardstown.

It will also be interesting to see how HAWWAAM performs after coming over from racing in South Africa.