Where are they now?

Fred and Rowena Cook run the rule over a quintet of Shadwell graduates

Earlier this month, Tamaddon made his long-arena dressage debut. He behaved impeccably and won his class with a superb 70.52 per cent. Tam is known to be rather demonstrative and is not the most straightforward of horses but with each outing he is gaining confidence and containing himself more. There is so much to come from this horse and we will enjoy watching the journey unfold with Mark Cramb.

Khairaat made his dressage debut – at a large venue too – and behaved very well, but then again Khairaat always does. He is also enjoying popping some show-jumps and cross-country fences with Matt Ansell who is producing him quietly. Khairaat is proving to be a very versatile, fun-loving horse who just wants to please. 

Jessica [Challinor] has finally managed to have her first outing with Sarmady.  He is such a super horse, so calm relaxed and totally unflappable, which is just as well as Jess has just discovered that she is going to be a mum! 

However, Sam needn’t think he is going to have a holiday, as Jess has found someone to keep him exercised and schooled while she is not able to do so herself. 

Amy [Ferrari] has just ticked an item off her bucket list! Amy’s sister and closest friends all have ex-racehorses and having homed Deyaarna, she was able to join the gang under saddle instead of on foot during their annual beach holiday!

Deyaarna has never ever experienced anything like this before but he didn’t put a hoof wrong; he has had so much fun and been such a star as the newbie to the group. It won’t be too long before Amy and “Diesel” make their appearance in the dressage arena as they are working hard at home.

Vanessa [Lowther] has not managed to make a return to the competition arena yet but she is back out dressage training Dan Greenwood and is also hoping to get up and running again with Jump Cross, a discipline Khenaizy loves so much. 

By Fred and Rowena Cook (Equine Management and Training)